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eProfo Rating System 

We have incorporated a rating system whereby we post our vote on your skill level. This information is displayed and is only available if we have received video and/or audio material from you. Moderators will review material to ensure the rating our artists receive is accurate based on the quality of material we receive from you.

Star Rating

* - Fair
* * - Good
* * * - Average
* * * * - Better
* * * * * - Best

eProfo will also include ratings based on skill level, using Star rating above, and talent level as defined below:

  • Level 1 - New talent
  • Level 2 - Semi-pro, part time, local to one area
  • Level 3 - Locally known talent, club/studio work, has CD
  • Level 4 - Recognized talent, published, club/studio, toured
  • Level 5 - Signed with label and/or toured with a national or international act


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